As I sat down to write this next chapter, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah released a statement calling our national discourse “a vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass.”

Regrettably, that quote is the sad undercurrent of my project. I set out to prove that there is a clear distinction between two competing political ideologies, a difference that even a computer could easily perceive. This project is not only evidence that the divide exists, but that it is vast and seemingly insurmountable.

Part Dos: Scrape It All, Let Pandas Sort it Out

Here’s where we are so far: I can’t tell users apart by simply reading one tweet mentioning the hashtag. I am…

Back in the middle of August, sadly, President Trump’s brother passed away. The news hit Twitter courtesy of CNN’s Kaitlin Collins ~10:30 that evening, and by the next day it was a huge story — not because of the tragedy, but because apparently liberal Twitter caused the hashtag #wrongtump to trend, implying that it should have been the President who passed.

Something didn’t smell right to me. Going through the top tweets of the hashtag, I noticed that generally it was right-wing Twitter users commenting on how left-wing Twitter is solely soulless. I needed to get to the bottom of…

An English degree can teach you a few useful skills. I believe my years spent reading and analyzing poetry taught me to be an empathetic citizen of the world, a middle-aged trivia wunderkind, and an uncompromising aesthete.

Yet here I am, years into a career built on soft skills, learning statistics and coding and git and ready to share with you a few things I wish I had known.

#1 You need a view from 30,000 feet

If you haven’t used a calculator in the last decade, you need to make sure you have a general understanding of the math…

Steven Markoe

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